Mission and Vision

“Alone, we are a drop. Together we are the ocean.”

– Ryunosuke Satoro


The mission of the I AM FOR FOUNDATION is to provide humanitarian aid to war-torn Ukraine and to help refugees who are in our country.

We believe that life is the highest value and must be defended at all costs, and we cannot remain indifferent to what is happening behind our eastern border. We want to help Ukraine and enable a dignified life for every person of Ukrainian nationality in the territory of the Republic of Poland.

Why is it so important?

We believe that the world is a symbiosis of all people, and each of us is predestined for something different, because he has rare, unprecedented talents and skills. Sometimes you have to find them in yourself, extract them or enable their use and THIS IS WHERE WE COME IN!

The spectrum of our activities is very wide and does not concern one specific group. The most important thing in them is man. We want to help and share positive energy wherever possible

Our work is sometimes to open closed people to the world so that they can be a gift to it. Sometimes on help where someone is sick or in danger.

We carry out our mission by:

1. Building acceptance of another person and appreciation of his otherness.

2. Saving lives. We engage in aid actions wherever human life is or may be threatened.

3. Support for people with various physical or mental problems and dysfunctions.

4. Education; assistance in self-development.

What do we do?

Charity actions – so far we have participated in many charity actions; Currently, we are actively conducting aid activities for Ukraine and Ukraine. It is the fact that we help every day that caused us to create this foundation.

Camps, sports events – we organize integration camps where we carry out activities that open and raise awareness. At the same time, we encourage physical activity, because we believe that in a healthy body a healthy spirit.

We support local government initiatives

We can boast of

  • Collection for the Ministry of Interior and Administration
  • Aid to Ukraine (collections, transport)
  • Helping the sick and needy
  • Positively wound up
  • ZUMBA Charity Marathons