Objectives of the organization

Objectives of the organization

1) providing any assistance to people affected by the effects of humanitarian crises, civil wars, natural disasters or other situations threatening their lives or prosperity both in the Republic of Poland and abroad;

2) providing humanitarian aid;

3) activities for the integration of foreigners;

4) counteracting discrimination against foreigners in the Republic of Poland;

5) integration and facilitation of contacts between foreigners and the Polish community ,

6) development of mutual contacts between communities working for immigrants in the Republic of Poland;

7) assistance to victims of disasters, natural disasters, armed conflicts and wars at home and abroad;

8) promoting the integration and reintegration of people at risk of social exclusion into employment and social exclusion;

9) promotion of employment and professional activation of people who are unemployed and at risk of dismissal;

10) providing legal aid;

11) providing help to abandoned and harmed animals;

12) providing assistance to institutions providing assistance to homeless animals;

13) supporting all activities in the field of combating animal homelessness