Help for Ukraine!

Help for Ukraine!

We are tiny ourselves… TOGETHER WE CAN DO A LOT!

Together we help refugees from Ukraine. We organize journeys from the border, we look for places where they can stay, we try to ensure a relatively normal life. We also support those who remained in Ukraine, as well as the civilian population and those fighting at the front.

These people have lost everything overnight and are risking their lives for a better world for all of us. Therefore, we cannot leave them alone in these difficult moments.

In just a few days we managed to organize several large transports to Ukraine.  

All the time we send trucks, TIRs, buses, with medicines, power generators, thermal clothes, shoes and, of course, food.

We plan to organize and send further, continuous deliveries.

We have constant and direct contact with the army and we know exactly what is missing the most.

Our transports contain what is most needed at the moment.

What is important: transports are delivered directly to the indicated points in Ukraine!

13 tons of humanitarian aid!

That's how much help we were able to send in a very short time. We ourselves are surprised how wide our announcements for help were.

We delivered

– 2 tons of generator sets (Netherlands)

– 1 truck of winter boots for people returning to fight in Ukraine (Poland)

– 1 truck of specialized drugs (UK)

– plenty of specialized clothing, medicines and food

In addition, thanks to your help:

– we have filled many help points for Ukrainians in Poland

– we found a place for dozens of needy families

If any of you need help, please let us know!

If any of you need help, please let us know!
If you know that someone needs help, please let us know!

Time is still of the essence!

If you can financially support our activities, below are the account numbers:

PKO Bank Polish – Swift code: BPKOPLPW

IBAN PL84 1020 1127 0000 1002 0362 1927

PLN 84 1020 1127 0000 1002 0362 1927 for payments in PLN

EUR 86 1020 1127 0000 1902 0362 1935 for deposits in EURO

USD 91 1020 1127 0000 1702 0362 1943 for deposits in USD

If you can help in any other way – call, write to us.

Thanks to our hearts and yours full of love, we have managed to create something GREAT!

Thank you and help, we continue to act!